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  • Event Date 2018/04/21  -  14:00 to 17:00
  • Event Venue Conclave Simatupang
  • Contact +62 822 1150 2211
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Rahmatullah Akbar

Strategic Planner at Mirum


Interaction is a key of any relationship, including transaction. By understanding the process, interaction can be improved. You will also be able to identify the change caused by the interaction.

As a planner of a business, you can design the interactionto understand what need is driving the interaction and where and when the interaction can take place. Thus, you can determine the way your customer feels about your product, brand and service.
In this class, you will learn about the importance of customer touchpoint design, how to choose the right channels, crafting the experience of each channel and identifying the ROI of every chosen path. You will also learn to identify the problems and of course, the solution.

You will learn: 
  • Elements of CTD 
  • How to improve customer experiences if every touchpoint 
  • What changes can the CTD make to your business 
  • Case Study








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Target Learners:







Project Output:

Customer Touchpoint Design







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Ticket Price: IDR 395.000 

(including e-certificate and meals)

Conclave SImatupang

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