Digital Mastership

Content Writer – Jakarta


Career Awareness & Creative Writing Essentials

First Hours (120 min.):

  • The role of creative content writers in the industry
  • Creative Thinking Techniques to Develop Ideas
  • How To Build Confidence in Writing Ability
  • Work Flow & Guideline to Write

Second Hours (180 min.):

  • Finding Voice, Style and Point of View
  • Developing Characters and Dialogue
  • Writing Structure and Plot

Deep Dive into Digital Content Marketing

First Hours (120 min.):

  • Marketing Communication Fundamentals
  • How to Understand Customers
  • Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Second Hours (180 min.):

  • Digital Media on Marketing Communication
  • Types of Content Marketing
  • Crafting Different type of Content Marketing

Mastering Digital Content Creation

First Hours (120 min.):

  • Understanding web writing
  • Deep dive into Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Content audit and analysis

Second Hours (180 min.):

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy
  • Develop tagline and engaging copy

Managing Creative Projects

Full Day:

  • How to identifies project’s goals
  • How to develop creative brief
  • Crafting different type of content
  • How to develop content strategy, roadmap, and scheduling
Digital Mastership

Digital Marketer – Bandung


Digital Marketing Frameworks, Strategy, & Planning

  • Business and customer development
  • Key concepts of digital marketing
  • Key strategy & planning concepts
  • Target audience and setting objectives
  • Setting the budget
  • Action plan and measurement
  • Iteration & enhancement

Content Marketing & Digital Campaign Strategy

First Hours (180 min.):

  • Getting to know how to talk to humans through content
  • How your brand can succeed using Content Marketing
  • Guideline of designing a content marketing strategy

Second Hours (180 min.):

  • Case study about the Effective Digital Campaign in the industry
  • How to define digital campaign objective
  • How to pick the right target audiences and medium 

Digital Marketing Frameworks, Strategy, & Planning

  • Capture, segment and manage email subscribers
  • Plan and prepare lifecycle marketing strategies
  • Map content and channels to customer’s lifecycle
  • Plan, execute, and measure email marketing campaigns
  • Identify the most relevant retention and referral metrics and KPIs
  • Design a referral campaign or program
  • Iteration & enhancement

SEO & Digital Analytics

First Hours (180 min.):

  •  Key SEO Concepts
  • Keyword Research & Selection
  • Use keyword tools for research
  • Improve page rankings for relevant terms

Second Hours (180 min.):

  • Key Analytics Concepts, Goal Set-up and Account Set-up
  • Goal Configuration & Funnels
  • Explore features and uses of Google Analytics – audience, behavior, conversions, attribution
  • Use Google Analytics to find insights.
  • Real Time Reporting, Intelligence Reporting & Customized Reporting
Digital Mastership

UI/UX Designer – Bandung


Intro to UI/UX design and Human Centered Design

  • Intro to user centered design
  • Learn experience design concept
  • Deep dive into UI/UX design process
  • UI/UX in product development strategy
  • User research strategies
  • Conduct an effective user interview

Synthesizing Research & Creating Personas

  • How to create an affinity map
  • How to map user needs, goals, and pain points
  • Synthesize Research into a Problem Statement
  • Generate hypothesis
  • Validating the asumptions about your persona
  • How to create user persona
  • Define design requirement

Design Process

  • Break down your design concepts
  • Explore several method for wireframes
  • Understand the difference between wire-framing and prototyping
  • Learn the importance prototyping and interaction design
  • Apply sketching techniques

Usability Testing

  • Understand the important of usability testing
  • Practice formulating task scenarios
  • How to testing the products feature
  • Conduct usability test
Digital Mastership

Brand Strategist – Jakarta

  • What is Brand?
  • Consumers are Not Complicated
  • Create Brand That Matters
  • Show, Not Tell
Digital Mastership

Content Writing - Surabaya

  • Content Writer Starter Kit
  • Creative Writing Essentials
  • Marketing Communication Fundamental
  • Understanding Digital Content Ecosystem
  • Mastering Digital Content Creation
  • How to Managing Creative Projects
Digital Mastership

Digital Marketing - Surabaya

  1. The Big Pictures : Digital Marketing Frameworks, Strategy And Planning
  2. Customer Acquisition 1 : Content Marketing
  3. Customer Acquisition 2 : Digital Campaign Strategy
  4. Conversion And Retention 1 : Social Media Management
  5. Conversion And Retention 2 : CRM And Email Marketing
  6. Measurement : Digital Analytics
Digital Mastership

Social Media Marketing - Surabaya

  1. Understanding Social Media Marketing
  2. Analyzing The Ecosystem
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Content Creation
  5. Utilizing Paid Media
  6. Activating Brand Campaign
Digital Mastership

Brand Strategy - Surabaya

  1. Brand Strategist Essential Skills
  2. Define Brand Purpose
  3. Identify Target Market & Tribe
  4. Define Brand Voice & Sense