Hypnosis in Non-Clinical Setting & Modality for Emotional Intelligence

Class Series

  • Cocowork D-Lab
  • Jl. Riau No.1, RT.9/RW.5, Gondangdia, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350
  • 10 November 2018

In this session, our mentor will guide you to get the hang of the hypnosis-informed emotional intelligence. You will learn to apply some basic techniques of formal and informal hypnosis to your selves, to others, and to you teams.

After getting the hang of hypnosis, you will then learn to make use of hypnotic modality to enhance some of the basic skills of emotional intelligence, especially that which involves team collaboration.

Project Output:

  • Knowledge on Emotional Intelligence
  • Knowledge on basic hypnosis
  • Practical techniques to perform self-hypnosis, hetero-hypnosis and group-hypnosis in collaborative workplace

What's this class about?

Hypnosis in Non-Clinical Setting & Modality for Emotional Intelligence

  • Basic hypnotic techniques
  • Self-hypnosis, hetero-hypnosis and group-hypnosis
  • Designing an emotionally intelligent meeting
  • Designing Interpersonal relations among coworkers
17 November 201810:00 AM - 16:00 PM

Who's the awesome mentor?

Hizkia Yosie Polimpung

Pluridisciplinary researcherMinerva Co-Lab

Nur Aini Wilinsen

Administrator Database, ResearcherMinerva Co-Lab

Priska Sabrina Luvita

ResearcherMinerva Co-Lab

What to bring?

Who's this class for?

RP. 790,000 per person 20 seats available