Music is a complicated yet simple way to tell a story. It has melody, lyric, beat, arrangement, and many things more in it that can tell stories on its own. This class will introduce and explore this concept.

Everyone has their own way to tell a story. This is even more true in music. Everyone has their own style, from how they write the lyrics, how they chose the melodies, how they treat this melody with their instruments, and so on. This class will share the introduction to some of the writing styles that will help in finding our own songwriting style.

Some of the class over the world teach you how to craft “hook”. This “hook” is part of music that gets you hooked in music, especially popular music. It sounds easy, but it never is. This class will discuss about this “hook” and why it is important.

By the time you finish this class, you will gain some insight about songwriting, and maybe help you to become a really good songwriter too!

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