EDSCAPE: Creative Studio Hopping

Rp750,000 Rp645,000


The dynamic life of the young urban people is dramatically affecting their personal and social lifestyle. Nowadays, they tend to look for something new and things that could make them more active yet productive.

As an educational community for Creatives that have been in contact with them in recent years, we see their decency of being considerate on their preferences and decision making, also their needs in continuously craving for more knowledge and information as their way to fully living their life.

Aware of their concerns, we depart from our traditional sharing approaches and devise new way to create a more educative and engaging learning through field-trip experience. Because sometimes, there are things that cannot be taught only in a class room.

The event will serve as an educative and insightful getaway from one’s life routine.vWe will bring the participants to discover several inspiring spaces for Creatives who seek for knowledge, network, and experience. Edscape provides a designed trip with learning activities in very location that build more appreciation to its creation and values . You will not only get an inspiring weekend, but also transportation equipments, morning coffee and snacks, lunch workshop, light dinner, refreshments, and infinite networking opportunities.


What’s included on the package?

– Transportations

– Equipments

– Coffee & snacks

– Lunch

– Light dinner

– Refreshments

Meet the creative experts and explore their creative studios.

Join us with other fellow Creatives!