The act of creating mostly started from the feeling of anxiety. Every human being must have it but mostly not using it maximally. Drawing as one of the most “flowing” activity for the brain is the most effective tool to release anxiety. Flow is when you forget time, yourself, your body and brain works at their prime condition. You drown to the activity and unconsciously release pure emotion and thoughts. Most artists called it sketch. The final artwork hanging on the gallery has been through a lot of “flow” moment and sketch, that’s why the most important thing about creating is not the final work but the process.

Inkxiety is an act of drawing with black ink on paper also an act of release anxiety. It’s healthy for the soul because it’s drawing from the soul. The result of inkxiety is like a mind mapping of your brain, make them real not only cloudy feeling and thoughts, and from there you can start making anything you want.

This class is suitable for everyone who want to start drawing or create but don’t know where to start. Inkxiety an honest method to begin with.

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