lingkaran is a leading creative education platform in Indonesia.

We provide entrepreneurial development programs and in-demand skills training for those seeking relevance in today’s fast-changing industry. Our purpose is to empower the community of creative founders and talents to maximize their circle of potentials and get them meet their next possibilities.


lingkaran started out from our founder’s personal confusion. Despite his architecture degree, he couldn’t grant his mom’s wish to renovate their house. Four years later, their house is yet to be renovated. Instead, he shifted his energy to build another “house”. Oh yes, we mean lingkaran.

In the beginning, we have a big dream to bridge the gap between what is given at formal school and what is really needed in the professional world. Then, like the other millennial-driven startups, we were through so many ups and downs when formulating what’s best for our team, programs, and most importantly: our community.

Here’s what we’ve found out: it’s true about change starts from within. And what attracts growth in our individual journey is the circle that empowers us. Therefore, in our fourth year, we shifted our ground value to be more grounded, relevant, and progressive.

Founded in late 2014, lingkaran is proud to have more than 500 programs, impacted to more than 5,000 learners, inspire more than 80,000 people, and create limitless collaborations; with impact spreads across Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, and Surabaya.

Our vision statement is, “To be the progressive ecosystem that pushes and supports Indonesia’s creative founders and talents to reach the world class standard.”


lingkaran is home of remarkable people from all walks of life.

We are creatives, enthusiasts, curious people – some of us are bedroom singers, party animals, cat daddies, and even #swifties. Weirdness is part of who we are, and we appreciate us.

We believe everyday is an invitation to a whole new adventure. We believe in lifelong learning and that every each of us has the potential to be the next thing they wanted to be.

We bridge the awkward gap between what’s given and what really matters, in order to be relevant in today’s fast-changing industry.

Get curious, take a mission, and let’s go above and beyond!


We are weirdos.

Weirdness is part of who we are, and we appreciate us. Every quirk is our chance to contribute for something authentic and significant.

Curiosity is key.

lingkaran commits to lifelong learning. We always challenge the status quo and seek new way of doing things.

Take a mission and make do.

lingkaran makes sure each piece of the action make a difference in other people's life. Our action is data-driven with a spark of empathy.

Always be relevant.

lingkaran knows what’s up with industry 4.0. Beyond getting things done, we are sure to focus on the right process but only count the measurable output.

our team

Wendy Pratama

Founder & Headmaster

Ananda Marissya Widya

Dean of Education Design

Rama Poerba

Guidance Counselor

Galih Pratama

Director of Technology

Rifqi Fadhlurrakhman

Senior Program Designer

Muhammad Miqdad Darmawan

Experience Designer

Herluin Andriana Pradipta

Hype Booster

Agi Anyndhita

Your Friendly Neighbour

Essabina Krisnia Ginting

Project Whisperer

Laora Meylisa Patrisia

Mrs. Miscellaneous