lingkaran is an educational community for creatives to develop skill and interest through knowledge sharing.

We design non-formal learning experience focusing in personal development, creative skills, and entrepreneurship to help you respond the challenges of modern society. We are filling the professional gap and providing sustainable network through fun-atmosphere programs while providing you access to limitless opportunities.

lingkaran also works with companies as partners in program development to deliver the right experiences and values that your community needs.


In June 2014, Wendy Pratama - an architecture graduate from one of prominent University in Bandung - started to concept lingkaran after he found out that he can't build his own house after his mom asked him for.
Afterwards he began to validate his problem within his closest circle and came back with the result that it was a common problem. Finally he concluded that there's a missing gap between what is given on campus and what is really needed in the professional world.

Long story short, those whole facts were directed into 2 major reasons that underlie the establishment of lingkaran; the least number of creative people in Indonesia who are professional and competitive and formal education system alone can't respond to the challenges of modern society and therefore welcome its reinforcement by non-formal educational practices.


1. To increase the quality of creative economy in Indonesia by empowering its people with proper education and linked network

2. To build a new culture of creative and entrepreneurial education that become a complementary supplement for the people from diversed background

3. To build and create collaborative opportunities where positive socio-economy can impact local, regional, and international communities