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  • Event Date 2015/11/05  -  19:00 to 21:00
  • Event Venue Conclave
    Jalan Wijaya I No. 5C - Kebayoran Baru
  • Contact +62 821 2437 0715
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Wendy Pratama

Founder of lingkaran

A business model is an abstract representation of an organization, be it conceptual, textual, and/or graphical, of all core interrelated architectural, co-operational, and financial arrangements designed and developed by an organization presently and in the future, as well as all core products and/or services the organization offers, or will offer, based on these arrangements that are needed to achieve its strategic goals and objectives

The business model topic is very popular among business people today because in various industries we can see a proliferation of new and innovative business models (i.e. new ways of making money). In several industries new business models are threatening or even replacing established companies and conventional ways of doing business. Just have a look at the music or airline industry.

Within this context the business model concept is a particularly helpful unit of strategic analysis tailored to today’s competitive business environment. It helps executives as well as entrepreneurs increase their capacity to manage continuous change and constantly adapt to rapidly changing business environments by injecting new ideas into their business model.

You will learn:

– Why should they know about Business Model?

– What is a Business Model?

– Business Model Blocks (BMB)

– How to use BMB?

– Creating BMB Workshop

– Innovation in BMB

 — –
Ticket Price: IDR 350,000

(including certificate, learning materials, and snacks)


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