SADDAM by lingkaran: Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

Our first internal bi-weekly knowledge-sharing session or we call it Saddam (Sharing di Dalam) ;D had been kicked-off by me, Ananda Marissya, last Friday!

In this first session, I tried to share some insights that everyone in lingkaran and including you might need for work inside or outside the company. As I didn’t really have any certain hard skills to be shared (feeling a bit unfortunate for this :p), I preferred to share one of my hobbies, which is reading, to my colleagues. So yeah, as you might have guess, it was a discussion about a book. Not a kind of a book club, but more like a conversation with knowledge generated from the book.



I happily shared one of my favorite books, which maybe also your favorite, a book from Edward de Bono titled “Six Thinking Hats.” First of all, I think this book gives 100% insights from its first page to the last. It is so purposeful and applicable at the same time. That’s why, for the second reason, I chose this book because we could do some practice to be able to really understand the book.

To start the session, I shared some explanation from the books regarding what the hats and its six colors stand for, how to use it, and how the hats could give benefits to us. I was happy because this session created a two-way communication that my colleagues proactively asking some questions about the topic. This session then continued with a very lively role-play where everyone got in charge on specific color and acted with the color to support the discussion.


In short, the Six Thinking Hats is a thinking technique to help us making decision, individually or in a meeting.

The white hat represents someone that is neutral and objective, the red hat means someone with emotional view, the black hat is someone with cautious and careful thinking, the yellow hat means someone with positive thinking, the green hat shows someone with ideas and creativity, and the blue hat represents someone who is wise and has organizing skills. The hat could be used in single use (you choose what color you would like to wear) or in sequence where you could set the order of the colors who will go first through to the last.

We had two rounds of this role-play with topics that close with our work and personal life, because beside our goal to always solve our challenge in our workplace, we also aim to help our friend solving his (love life) problem 😉

So for those of you who would like to know more about the book, this book is available in almost every bookstore, in English or in Bahasa, depends on the specialties of the bookstore. Go check it out if you are eager to seek for a way to brainstorm in your team or in making self-decision.
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