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  • Event Date 2018/06/02  -  13:00 to 16:00
  • Event Venue lingkaran
  • Contact +62 822 1150 2211
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Astra Ayuningputri

Psychologist and People Innovation Analyst at Go-Jek




Our 20s are the defining decade of adulthood. It’s when we make big decisions on our career, relationship, and life in general. With the rise of technology, blurred social boundaries, and broader range of career options; our 20-somethings today, a.k.a millennials, are getting extra pressure compared to their predecessors.

So, lingkaran collaborate with Pijar Psikologi, a startup focusing on mental health, to hold the special mini class to help cater this issue!
We will provide a session for you, aspiring professionals and self-proclaimed corporate slaves, to solve problems regarding career decision. Especially for those who are thinking about resigning from work, but haven’t make up mind yet whether this is a good idea or not.
In this class, you will get the big picture about job security and the following issues, insight on your problems and how to identify your resigning consequences, and most importantly: your next career plan. Class will be conducted by a psychologist with expertise in mental health at work.
You will learn:
  • Understanding the essence of career and its impact to your growth
  • Understanding why job security is important in your age
  • Identifying problems and consequences of your decision
  • Dealing with yourself after making decision

Target Learners:

 New workers, workers, self-employed newbies, those who self-proclaimed themselves as corporate slaves but do  not have enough bravery to take any decision to end that stressfull condition.


        Project Output:

Career-path plan


Ticket Price: IDR 195.000 

(including e-certificate)

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