Design Sprint: Agile Problem Solving and Idea Testing Limited Seats

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The Design Sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that reduces the risks of bringing a new product, feature or service to the market. It gathers feedback from customers on new solutions, before the product or service is built. The method also demonstrates to stir up creativity in a team and helps to make critical decisions, faster. According to IBM, conducting a project using design thinking method can lead to a 75% reduction in design & delivery time, often reducing an 8 month project to 3 or 4 months.

While most documented examples of Design Sprints are for consumer software products, the techniques can be applied to other kinds of products and services. Therefore, they are a great way to conduct the initial discovery or ideation phase of any project.

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Entrepreneurs, designers, design enthusiast, project managers, product developer.

What's this class about?

Design Sprint: Agile Problem Solving and Idea Testing

In this class we will discuss about how to design sprint would help you conduct a project faster and how to deliver a design sprint session for your team.  

28 March 2019 18:30 PM - 21:30 PM

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