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  • Event Date 2015/08/30  -  11:30 to 13:30
  • Event Venue Seminar Room, Gedoeng Jasindo 2nd floor
    Jl. Taman Fatahillah No. 2, Kota Tua
  • Contact +62 821 2437 0715
  • email [email protected]


Games and Application Seminar 02

This Seminar will discuss mainly on how to create a game or application that will not only survive in the market but also will be profitable to the developers. You can get many tips on developing a good game or application, technically as well as financially. Our two speakers will share their experiences in creating and marketing their games. In this Seminar, you will also get insights on how to generate profits from your games and what monetization strategy that you need to implement.


Wiradeva Arif Kristawarman

Known by his nickname: Devon, he is the key person in AGATE development division. Having passion in developing games since high school, Devon went to Informatics Engineering of Institute of Technology Bandung. He received bachelor and master degree  with his thesis in Gamification topic. Before being a Head of Development, Devon was a game programmer, game producer, and head of finance and support team. With his over 5 years experience in game industry, he now leads the development team in Agate.

Ngo Minh Quan

Quan has been working in gaming industry for many years at various game publishers and studios such as FPT Online and Gameloft. He is now running his own game studio called ‘SpiritBomb’. He has many experiences on making many kinds of games including large budget MMO for PC, web-based social games and mobile games. He has also done a large number of adver-games utilizing cutting edge technologies such as 3D Augmented Reality and body motion sensing (Kinect). He is currently researching on how to make games that will bring real-life values to the players. He is also a member of International Game Developer Associaiton – Vietnam for many years and he is one of the champions there.

Ticket Price: IDR 100,000
On The Day Ticket Price: IDR 150,000

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