Introducing you
to lingkaran Youth Community Development Program

It's another way for you who want to join us in our fun yet worthwhile journey
LYCDP is our new program to give exposure
Indonesia's creative industry for the undergraduate students,
prepare them to be ready to embrace their #NextPossibilities as future Talents & Founders.

We’re currently seeking like-minded people who are eager to grow and learn from each other, while doing impactful work to improve the education scheme in Indonesia. As part of our community, we would like to invite you to be involved further with us in order to help us running all the programs.
We have an array of core programs like Mini Class, Master Class, Digital Mastership, Business Starter Pack; as well as our community program such as We Need to Talk, Founders Brunch Club, and Rubrik Indonesia. As our part of Community Ambassador, you’ll have the hands-on opportunity to organize sessions, – among other things!
1. Undergraduate active students
2. Can alocate 6 - 8 hours per week during 3 months
3. Willing to participate in full journey and programs
4. Have organizational experience and should be representing a youth community
5. Interested in creative skills and talents development
6. Have an enormous willingness to learn
1. Assist minimum 4 programs per month
2. Attend the monthly meeting
1. Three-month scholarship program with total value of 5 million rupiah
2. Access to all lingkaran's program
3. Mentoring and development by lingkaran's team including exclusive classes ; Ikigai Class, Design Thinking Class, and Project Planning Class
4. Opportunity to lingkaran's talent pool
LYCDP Jakarta
1. Registration Deadline: 8 June 2019
2. Interview: 13 - 14 June 2019
LYCDP Bandung
1. Registration Deadline: 27 June 2019

Interested? We’re more than happy
to welcome you on board!