Q: What is lingkaran?
lingkaran is an educational community for creatives to develop skill and interest through knowledge sharing. Visit our About page to learn more.
Q: Where is lingkaran HQ?
lingkaran is located in Conclave, a coworking space. We mostly having our programs in our office. Conclave is located on Jl. Wijaya 1, number 5C, right next to Typology Café. If you are driving from Prapanca heading to Santa – Tendean intersection, Conclave will be on your right. If you are driving from Tendean, turn left at the intersection. You’ll find Conclave on the left, after 4 buildings.


Q: What programs that I can learn in lingkaran?
We divide our programs into 3 main topics:
- Personal Value such as passion crafting, creative thinking, public speaking, leadership, etc.
- Creative Skill which contains 16 creative industry sub-sectors (based on Badan Ekonomi Kreatif, 2015);
1. App & game developer
2. Architecture
3. Interior design
4. Visual communication design
5. Product design
6. Fashion
7. Movie, animation & video
8. Photography
9. Craft
10. Culinary
11. Music
12. Publishing
13. Advertising
14. Performing arts
15. Art
16. Radio & TV
- Entrepreneurship such as business model, accounting, management, marketing, legal, pitching, branding, etc.
Q: How many types of program that lingkaran provide?
We have 3 types of program by far, they are:
- Mini Class, one session program with a list of experts and inspirational people as mentor. Apart from the value-adding process, we pack this Mini Class with fun learning methods that can be perceived as an escape of learners' daily routine and network expansion as well.
- Collaboration Class, a program that we made under collaboration with second party. Different terms and conditions may be applied.
- Master Class, an integrated program, which packed into 3 or more classes. We design this program to bring a deeper exploration about one topic that will be concluded with a specific set of skills. As an interconnected program, Master Class is also available for single section to flexibly fit your needs.
Q: How long is the program?
Basically we always put a brief explanation about our class’ detail, including the exact duration, price, location, and more. If you are hardly find the info on our poster in social media, please don’t hesitate to visit our Programs page.
Q: Why a class got postponed or canceled?
A class will get postponed or canceled if the minimum quota of learners can't be achieve until D-1.
Q: What if the class that I chose suddenly postponed or canceled?
Technically we will inform you about this information on one day before the class. If the class get postponed or canceled, we will refund the registration fee at least 7 days after the actual schedule of the current class.
Q: Can I have the presentation material of the class?
Certainly you can. After we have confirmed by the mentor, all the class’ materials will be sent to your registered e-mail in at least 7 days after the class.


Q: How do I register the program?
Visit our Programs page, choose the class that you want to join by simply click 'Attend' button and decide how many tickets that you want to book. The next step is just fill the Billing Details form and click 'Place Order'. Please directly check your e-mail to get your registration receipt and continue to the payment process. After you have transferred you will received your e-ticket by e-mail.
Q: Why do I didn’t get any confirmation e-mail / e-ticket after payment?
We always send the confirmation of your payment no longer than 24 hours after you have transferred the exact amount of your bill to our appointed bank account. Please check your promotions or spam folder within that time before you contact us on the phone. This confirmation e-mail is also apply as your e-ticket. You don’t need to print it because we do paperless :)
Q: What if suddenly I can't join the class but I've already pay for it? Can I exchange it to another class?
We're sorry to inform you that every purchase that you made is non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Just like you buy a movie ticket, can you do it? :)
Q: What if I want to hand over my seat on the class? Can I give it to my relatives?
Yes it can be transferred to your relatives. You just need to give them the confirmation e-mail or the e-ticket to be shown at the day of the class.