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  • Event Date 2016/05/25  -  18:30 to 21:00
  • Event Venue Coworkinc
    WIMO Building 3rd floor Jalan Kemang I No. 7 - Kemang
  • Contact +62 812 1098 1048
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Zinnia Nizar-Sompie

Graphic Designer and National Chairman of ADGI (Asosiasi Desain Grafis Indonesia)

Graphic designer as a profession has become widely known and pique a lot of interest. With schools offering major in Visual Communication Design, and graduates for more than 300,000 a year (data of 2012 fro world design survey), we must ask ourselves, can we survive in this industry? The competition is fierce but the application is vast. The discipline alone can help you survive in many areas of design.

This class is a wholesome discussion, on not only to survive but to understand what it is to become a graphic designer and what is graphic design.

You will learn:

– What is graphic design?

– What is visual communication?

– What does it take to become a graphic designer?

– What are the challenges a designer is facing now?

– The business of design (including pricing, management, etc.)

– Design thinking

Target Learners:

– Fresh graduates

– Entry level designers

– Those who are interested in becoming a graphic designer

Ticket Price: IDR 150,000

(including certificate and light meals)

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