COMEUNITY #1: Gather, Share, Connect, and Find the Right Partner

We were beyond happy to finally meet inspiring Creatives in lingkaran first COMEUNITY, as our community gathering event, dedicated exclusively for the members.


Rain started to pour when we were about to begin our conversation, but instead it makes the weather feels more comfortable. Starting off the sharing session by introducing ourselves, we didn’t expect to hear such openness and honesty from the Creatives. From an architect turned into a blogger, an economist turned into fashion business, to a robot engineer turned into a consultant. It was so diverse that we happened to learn a lot from the beginning of this session.

Furthermore, to make this session more interesting, we also invited our multitalented yet entertaining mentor, Richie Wirjan, a brand strategist who have built his own branding firm, to join us and share his experience. He told us the story of his journey in building his firm, how he was assured that this is what he really wanted until how he found his. The conversation then became very exciting as we, whether we are entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs, must have encountered the stage of finding the right partner. So then we gain lots of discussion from it.


It is very important to really consider our company culture. It is also important that we find a high competence person to help us running a company. But more importantly, above all that, we need to really find the one, who share the same vision with us. It is okay to have different mindset between partners, instead it could achieve richer ideas for the company along the way. So much insights through the discussion that open up our eyes to look back at where we are standing and reflect to what we are having right now. Are we strong enough to walk together with our partner and make a great impact to our business and our surroundings? The discussion indeed made us all to think to find the answer.

At the end of the session, we asked the Creatives about what they expect from lingkaran because we certainly wanted to improve ourselves, to provide better experience, and to become the medium for Creatives in providing better access for knowledge sharing. We review our past experience and what is missing is how we could keep in touch and meet each other after we became lingkaran’s member. And we are so happy that COMEUNITY gained positive responses and that we should keep maintaining this event as a way for them to really gather, share, and meet fellow Creatives.

So who knows you will meet new partners from joining us in our next COMEUNITY?

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