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  • Event Date 2017/08/22  -  18:00 to 21:00
  • Event Venue Kolega Space Antasari
  • Contact +62 822 1150 2211
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Diaz Hensuk

Founder & Creative Director of SWG Design


Today there is more demand for creative service than ever, hence more competition is expected. Being professional in the creative service industry means that we must never stop learning, whoever we are: a designer, creative director, brand strategy, digital strategy, content creator, information architect, and even project manager. Beside the specific skill set, we must understand the language of market and the new rules of the game. That’s why we have to innovate, not just adapt.


Whilst 10 years ago; research, planning and creative development moved in predictably straight lines; now the speed of how we consume information, especially in a visual sense, has greatly shifting. How we seek out information and inspiration is hugely different. Therefore, there is a lot of questions we have to answer, should we redefine a new design studio or agency model? Should we focus on specific offers? Or should we expand the type of creative service and market?


If you are creative freelancer going to set up a business, or a design studio owners that currently have an issue to improve and scale up your business; you have to set a strong foundation, strategic planning and context through understanding the needs of market and how people consume information.


In this talks, with Diaz Hensuk (Founder and Creative Director of SWG Design) and Zinnia Sompie (National Chairwomen of ADGI 2014-2016) we will discuss all the lessons-learned and provided advice on how to navigate the increasingly complex creative service industry landscape. We’ll learn A-Z, begin from the dynamic of market, growth-driven design, building connection, endless collaboration with other sub-sector in creative industry, managing client expectation, to revamping the creative process. In addition, we will also learn the importance of the culture and value of work; because we are not only working in an ever-changing industry, but also facing different generations as both our market and patrons.


You will learn:

– What’s going on in the market?

–  The important of work culture and value

–  Build connection, creatively collaborate and commerce

–  How to managing client expectation and relationships

–  Trends and industry forecast

What to Bring?

– Stationery

– Laptop or Mac



Target Learners:

– Founder and Employee of Creative Agency

– Freelance Designer and Digital Marketeer

– Fresh Grad with passion in Creative Industry

Ticket Price: IDR 100.000


(including e-certificate and light meals)

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