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  • Event Date 2015/08/08  -  11:00 to 13:00
  • Event Venue Historia Food & Bar
    Taman Fatahillah Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No.11
  • Contact +62 821 2437 0715
  • email [email protected]


 150726_Noa Haim_Photo Anton Mikhailovsky1Noa Haim – Collective Paper Aesthetics

Designer and Architect

As a child, I was taught the three-dimensional geometry and the organization of forms in abstract and theoretical way. With Collective Paper Aesthetics A4 paper toys, those subjects are communicated in a hands-on manner, allowing children to experience geometry in a playful way as fundamental base for free form design under a set of pre-defined rules.

At the end of this workshop, every child will get his/her own creation, made of 10 paper sheets and non-formal education experience in geometry.

This class is perfect for children from the age of 7+ with parents and educators in the field of science and mathematics for early age.

You will learn:

– Concrete problem-solving while folding A4 two dimensional paper sheet to three dimensional cubes

– Three dimensional organization and logic in connecting one cube to another

– Comprehend mathematical subject in a hands-on manner

What to bring?

– Curiousity!

Ticket Price: FREE!


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