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  • Event Date 2018/10/16  -  18:30 to 21:30
  • Event Venue Conclave Bandung, Greko Creative Hub, Jl. Jendral Ahmad Yani No.134-136, Malabar, Lengkong
  • Contact +62 822 1150 2211
  • email contact@lingkaran.co
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16, 20, 23, and 27 October 2018 Every Tue and  Sat 18.30 – 21.30 and 10.00 – 16.00

In an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace, many companies are looking to hire qualified digital marketing experts who have the necessary levels of training and experience. That’s why the demand for digital marketing candidates has skyrocketed over the past 10 years.

If you are looking to move across into the digital marketing industry, you will need a proven knowledge and understanding of digital marketing landscape and have a solid interest in digital and emerging technologies.

Whether you work for — or aspire to work for — a startup, agency or large organization, this program will help you to have a fundamental skill-set to become a Digital Marketer. Our mentors will guide you to mastering every specific skills, from how to develop digital marketing strategies, assess the success of a digital marketing strategy, analyze campaigns and identify which campaign works.  It’s all about giving you the knowledge and skills to compete in this fast-moving industry.


– Business and customer development
– Key concepts of digital marketing
– Key strategy & planning concepts
– Target audience and setting objectives
– Setting the budget
– Action plan and measurement
– Iteration & enhancement
First Hours (180 min.):
– Getting to know how to talk to humans through content
– How your brand can succeed using Content Marketing
– Guideline of designing a content marketing strategy

Second Hours (180 min.):
– Case study about the Effective Digital Campaign in the industry
– How to define digital campaign objective
– How to pick the right target audiences and
– Capture, segment and manage email subscribers
– Plan and prepare lifecycle marketing strategies
– Map content and channels to customer’s lifecycle
– Plan, execute, and measure email marketing campaigns
– Identify the most relevant retention and referral metrics and KPIs
– Design a referral campaign or program 
First Hours (180 min.):
– Key SEO Concepts
– Keyword Research & Selection
– Use keyword tools for research
– Improve page rankings for relevant terms

Second Hours (180 min.):
– Key Analytics Concepts, Goal Set-up and Account Set-up
– Goal Configuration & Funnels
– Explore features and uses of Google Analytics – audience, behavior, conversions, attribution
– Use Google Analytics to find insights.
– Real Time Reporting, Intelligence Reporting & Customized Reporting


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IDR 3.500.000

(Psst.. we are happy to invite you to join our brand new program that we are excited to announce, with these beneficials!)

IDR 1.850.000


  • Certificate
  • Learning materials and tools
  • Meals in every sessions
  • Opportunities to get into our talent pool (COMING UP!)


Digital marketing is the essential tool to grow a business in this digital age. In 2017, more than 80% of businesses will increase their digital marketing spending plan that may go beyond the IT budget, making it a top priority and beefing up their existing marketing efforts with digital marketing strategies in an attempt to capture a growing and very lucrative online marketplace.
No prior experience or qualifications required. If you have an interest in digital marketing and seeking to develop your skills to enter the workplace or looking to change careers, this course is suitable for you.
– A Laptop or Mac is required

– No software is required in advance of the course (all software used in the course is free or has a demo version)

We’re sorry to inform you that every purchase that you made is non-exchangeable and non-refundable. You also can’t hand over your seat to other poeple, its because of the integrated tasks and projects that we’ve been crafting for this program. Just like if you buy a plane ticket, could you do it? 🙂
A class will get postponed if the there’re less than 5 participants per class until 2-day before the class. Technically we will inform you about this information on 1-day before the class. If the class get postponed, you can transfer your purchase to other classes or you can get your refund back at maximum 7 working days after the actual schedule of the current class.

Conclave Bandung, Greko Creative Hub

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