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  • Event Date 2016/07/30  -  11:00 to 16:00
  • Event Venue Co&Co Space
    Jalan Dipatiukur no.5
  • Contact +62 812 1098 1048
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Alvinska Octaviana

Craft Designer of Alvstudio

There are so many natural fiber material in Indonesia that can be explored and have a potential to be treated become a creative product which having high value and prices, and then the impact will be helped to reducing the risk of material use nowadays that mostly not too concerned with environmentally friendly aspects.

This class will amazed you with so many natural fiber materials such as tree bark, banana fiber (etc) and technique that can be use for making an art and creative products that you never imagine before.

The output project will be comes as simple as envelope and paper. But in very unique and artsy ways, cause the envelope will be end up with an amazing natural pattern from ecoprinting technique making (happa zome technique)

You will learn:

– Knowing the nature materials and natural fiber that can be use for making creative products

– Learning about the process of raw natural fiber until it will be ready to use as a material.

– Crafting : how to make an unique and artsy envelope from natural fibers

– Crafting : Introducing the happa zome technique (natural ecoprinting)

Project Output:

Natural art paper and unique envelope with an eco printing technique making

Target Learners:

Everyone who interested with an art and craft and definetely love making handmade things, or anyone who has a theory about kind of natural fiber but wants to practice it.

What to bring?

– Apron

– Work cloth

– 12 kind of leaves

– Stationary

Ticket Price: IDR 350,000

(including certificate, materials, tools and light meals)

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