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  • Event Date 2016/06/04  -  10:00 to 14:00
  • Event Venue Co&Co Space
    Jalan Dipatiukur no.5
  • Contact +62 812 1098 1048
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Mandra Lazuardi Kitri

Corporate Finance – Investment Management / Lecturer

Business planning is the key of success for both start-ups and well-established business. Financial aspect becomes one of the most important factor since the goal of a company is to enhance shareholder’s wealth.

By attending this class, participants will be able to develop a basic financial projection and investment analysis for business plan development purposes. This plan will be useful both for internal (owners and managers) and external parties (investors or banks). This class will be suitable for anyone, even for those who did not have any financial management skill before. A case study and MS Excel template will be provided. A step-by-step guidance will be given to ease the learning process.

You will learn:

– Understanding basic financial reports (income statement and balance sheet)

– Developing financial projection

– Conducting investment analysis (project feasibility)

– Understanding general sources of business financing

Target Learners:

This class would be useful for anyone who wants to start a new business or wants to access external sources of financing (from investors or banks) to fulfill their business expansion plan.

What to bring?

– Laptop (with MS Excel Installed)

– Stationary (for making notes)

Ticket Price: IDR 150,000

(including certificate and light meals)

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