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  • Event Date 2016/06/08  -  18:30 to 21:00
  • Event Venue Coworkinc
    WIMO Building 3rd floor Jalan Kemang I No. 7 - Kemang
  • Contact +62 812 1098 1048
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Rama Pratama

Serial Entrepreneur


While uncompetitive products, poorly executed strategies and incompetent teams influence failure, most start ups fail due to:

  • Lack of Money
  • Lack of Time

Managing finances effectively can help you from running out of money prematurely and from spending money at the wrong time. In this class we will walk through the key components of financial statement as the heartbeat of your business.

Start-ups also can benefit from a wide variety of financing options on the path to success. How do you know which one to choose? We will explore different financing models and the advantage and disadvantage for your startups. By the end of this class, you’ll be able to make proper valuation of your business, pick the financing pathway that’s best for your startups complementing your compelling business model.

You will learn:

– Understand the fundamentals of how to build financial statement

– Understand three general form of financial statements which are: income statement, cash flow statement, balance sheet

– Understand the key component of the three form financial statement

– Understand how to evaluate and measure business based on numbers

– Learn the most common source of financing

Target Learners:

– Entrepreneurs

– Investors

– Students

– Curious soul

What to Bring?

– A laptop

Ticket Price: IDR 150,000

(including certificate and light meals)

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