What type of learner are you?


People learn in a variety of ways. Identifying and understanding your learning style can help you maximize your educational experiences by finding ways to make learning more efficient.

4 Types of Learners:

Visual Learners



– Tend to be fast talkers, may interrupt

– Learn by seeing chars and diagrams

– Need quiet study time

– Take detailed notes

– Like to sit at the front of the class

Learning Suggestions:

– Draw or outline the information you need to remember

– Copy what’s on the board

– Diagram sentences

– Take notes and make lists

– Color code, highlight, circle and underline words in your notes

– Use flashcards

Best Test Type:

Diagramming, reading, maps, essays, anything showing a process

Worst Test Type:

Listen and respond tests


Auditory Learners



– Tend to speak slowly, explain things well

– Tend to be natural listeners

– Tend to repeat things aloud

– Think linearly

– Read slowly

– Prefer to hear, rather than read information

Learning Suggestions:

– Use words association to remember facts and lines

– Record lectures and watch videos

– Repeat facts with eyes closed

– Participate in group discussions

– Record notes after writing them

Best Test Type:

Writing responses to lectures they’ve heard; oral exams

Worst Test Type:

Reading passages and writing asnwers in a timed test


Kinesthetic Learners



– Tend to be the slowest talkers

– Learn by doing and solving real-life problems

– Like hands-on approaches

– Can’t sit still for long, get fidgety

– Take breaks when studying

– Suffer from short attention spans

Learning Suggestions:

– Study in short blocks

– Take lab classes

– Go on field trips

– Study with others

– Use memory games and flash cards to memorize facts

Best Test Type:

Short definitions, fill-ins, multiple choice

Worst Test Type:

Long essays, tests


Read/Write Learners



Some also believe that there’s another type of learner called “Read/Write”, who prefers to learn and memorize things by reading and writing.


(sources: http://www.onlinecollege.org/)

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