ComeUnity is our program dedicated exclusively for our members to gather, share, and connect in a positive environment by developing collaborative network. Last year we had 2 sharing sessions in Jakarta and 1 sharing session in Bandung. Earlier this year, we kicked off our ComeUnity Hub, the offline platform where we held our Mini Classes, meetings, and mentoring sessions in Conclave Wijaya. We also launched our ComeUnity Ambassador program, where we invited like-minded people who are eager to grow and learn from each other, and want to be involved further to help us running all the programs.

Following the success of last year’s ComeUnity Sharing sessions, we will held ComeUnity Sharing #3 next week with COMPANY CULTURE as the topic. We think every emerging start-up should be thinking more about it. As a relatively small, intimate company with millennial employees, we have to have unique treatment for our team. Happy employees equal to happy results, right?

But is it just about having Friday night out or blowing birthday candles together? What’s this culture is all about?

This time, we will have two special guests to discuss with: Catalyst Strategy & Generasi90an Team! Together, we will share and discuss about our behind stories and all things internal; why are we building the company and how to sustain our most important aspect in the office: human resource.


Catalyst Strategy is a data-driven marketing strategy & innovation firm which is known as the brain behind the digital campaign for Jokowi during the 2014 presidential election. The Catalyst family embraces the culture of openness and freedom to experiment. Catalyst Strategy also believes that happy people create good work, which is why they take employee happiness seriously. Their Happiness Index is never lower than 9 (out of 10) for the past 18 months!

Generasi90an Team is the creative agency behind the best-selling time-machine book about Indonesia’s 90s kids’ nostalgia. Led by the book’s author, Marchella FP, the small enterprise has their office called “Playground”, where they produce happiness and gather with their community to create more creative contents.

Mark your calendar: Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017. 6 pm – 9 pm at lingkaran’s ComeUnity Hub in Conclave Co-working Space Wijaya, 4th floor. This is a casual potluck event, dedicated exclusively for our members. Please bring your favorite food to be shared! The event is FREE and limited only for 15 lingkaran’s member who have joined our class before. RSVP here.

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“A company’s culture is the foundation for future innovation. An entrepreneur’s job is to build the foundation.”

– Brian Chesky, Airbnb


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