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Since the past 2 years, coworking spaces in Indonesia have been growing to 75+ registered venues in 15 cities. But what kind of people work there and why? What makes them choose coworking spaces over coffee shops or libraries (like, if there’s any)?

So, once a month, we’re testing the ground by throwing an internal program called “Coworking Crash-in”, where we do the weekly meeting at our partnering coworking spaces around Jakarta. This program allows our team to practice getting out of comfort zone while proving that, “Hey, coworking spaces actually work!” by all means they’re not only the fancy instagrammable, gimmicky spaces some people might accuse.

Last April, we kicked it off at GoWork, the newly launched coworking space in Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Their friendly Community Manager, Madrim, welcomed us and let us try their coolest conference room. We’re the first one to use the space! WOOT!

GoWork is co-founded by a group of five: Sisters Renee and Peony Tang with their husbands Donny Tandianus and Richard Lim, alongside Xavier Chan; who are passionately committed to building beautiful and inspiring workspaces to empower artists, creators, and entrepreneurs to reach new heights of success. Their thoughtfully designed workspaces provide not only a productive and collaborative environment for teams to thrive, but also an ecosystem of tools and a network of support for businesses and companies to expand.

At their launch party, our founder & CEO, Wendy Pratama, contributed to their panel discussion about The Coworking Revolution with young pioneering creatives from diverse backgrounds. As a startup that work closely with coworking spaces, Wendy agreed that the flexible and dynamic nature of a coworking ecosystem has always been helping lingkaran on finding like-minded partners and collaborators along the way. Hence our passionate support for the growing numbers of coworking spaces in Jakarta and beyond.

So we said yes to this: coworking is not just about work –

it’s a community and a lifestyle.


Moving on to the next coworking crash-in session in May, this time we were having our weekly meeting at Coworkinc, Kemang. Coworkinc is like a second home for many talented creatives, including us since our first year of running. What makes them a distinct coworking space among others is their hugs-and-high-fives culture that brings out warmth and friendliness, which allow even the most awkward strangers to dig into conversation. No wonder Coworkinc has been hosted countless collaborations among 200+ of their community members!

Two of the Coworkinc co-founders, Dian & Cynthia Hasan now have joined force with Stephanie Arrowsmith, Roderick des Tombe, and Wiliam Hendradjaja on building Indonesia’s first Impact Hub. They aim to extending their current effort to bring about social change in Jakarta and Indonesia, and bridging connection between local and global community. Last May, they just had their second anniversary and relaunched their coworking space as Impact Hub Jakarta, joining the international coworking space brand as the 100th chapter (what a lucky number!)

Congrats, Impact Hub Jakarta! And we’re looking forward to more crash-ins as we’ve got soooo many options already.


Follow along on our journey of taking notes and observing our surrounding creative ecosystem! We’ll be posting more on coworking spaces and all perks that might be relatable for your creativepreneurship future. Stay tuned!






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