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  • Event Date 2016/04/30  -  10:00 to 14:00
  • Event Venue Co&Co Space
    Jalan Dipatiukur no.5
  • Contact +62 812 2300 6006
  • email contact@lingkaran.co


Reymond Lee

Packaging Designer

Everyday people buying their groceries, foods, and beverages. They involve more emotion and more demanding as well. Hundreds to thousand products compete each other to gain consumer attention, how do we know their needs and behavior? This the question your product packaging have to answered, and how to make consumer loyal to your product, how can packaging design can help your product/company to reach and be the winner among the crowd

We will share with you how to understand the basic principles of impactful packaging design. You don’t need to have design background, you’ll be given the shortcut to make attractive packaging by your own.  After this class, you’ll understand and appreciate the packaging design role that can boost the consumer awareness about your product and can be implemented into your daily job or your own business.

This class is perfect for graphic design students, product and brand owners, online shop owners, and packaging design enthuasiast. By the end of this class you will understand and bring your own product’s packaging!

You will learn:

– Basic fundamental of packaging design

– Understanding todays packaging design trend and what consumer want if they see the packaging

– Making a packaging design that combining the design touch point element (logo identiy, color, imagery, typography, shape, and creativity)

– Business insight

What to bring?

– Pen / pencil

– Eraser

– Scissors

Ticket Price: IDR 350,000

(including certificate, other materials, and light meals)

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