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  • Event Date 2017/05/17  -  17:00 to 21:00
  • Event Venue Conclave
    Jalan Wijaya I No. 5C - Kebayoran Baru
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Senior Analyst at Catalyst Strategy


“Very few startups fail for lack of technology. They almost always fail for lack of customers. Yet surprisingly few companies take the basic step of attempting to learn about their customers (or potential customers) until it is too late.” – Eric Ries

Customer Development is about questioning your core business assumptions. In other words, Customer Development teaches that rather than assume your beliefs about your business to be true, discovering and validating the right market for your idea, building the right product features that solve customers’ needs, testing the correct model and tactics for acquiring and converting customers, and deploying the right organization and resources to scale the business. If implemented properly, Customer Development helps a business become highly focused, capital and resource efficient, and while not a guaranteed success, more likely to find Product-Market Fit and market traction.

In this class, you will learn how to understand your customer and build user base while developing your product at the same time. You will learn how to develop your point of view to always put customer needs as your first priority. We will also breakdown some case studies and frameworks into small actionable tasks so you can apply everything you learn in the class into your business rightaway.

You will learn:

–  Understanding the difference between customer development and product development 

–  The importance of customer development to build a successful product

–  Lean customer development

–  Step by step on doing customer development

–  How to conduct interview for customer development purposes

What to Bring?

– Stationery


Project Output:

Actionable Customer Development Guidelines and Customer Interview Script


Target Learners:

–  Entrepreneurs

–  New Startup Founder

–  Product Manager

–  Customer Relation Manager

–  Marketeers

–  Students/Fresh Grad with passion in business

Ticket Price: IDR 295.000 

(including e-certificate & meals)

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