Fasting is good for your body


Today is the last day of Ramadan. Millions of Muslims all over the world are almost complete the fasting, which is a form of religious duty, for a month.

Sometimes we don’t realize that fasting has so many benefits, not only for religious life, but also moral and health benefits to individuals that cannot be ignored. Morally, fasting should affect our sense of kindness, compassion and empathy as affluent people towards the poor or hunger stricken people in society. By subjecting ourselves to starve for 30 days, hopefully we may reflect and ponder the fate of millions of people who can not eat. Thus, we begin to appreciate the value of food and water and how blessed we are in this world.

For health benefits, there are 5 reasons why fasting is good for you:

1. Increasing your productivity

Fasting allows you to focus. You could save time and do much more work to get done because you didn’t have to eat. You don’t have to worry – what’s my breakfast today or search place to get lunch.

2. Decreasing bad habits such as smoking, drinking beer, etc.

Bad habits like smoking and drinking beer should not be done during fasting. When you keep away from the bad things, then your body slowly with adapt and the addiction will disappear forever. National Health Service in UK recommend Ramadan as the right time to stop smoking.

3. Detoxification of the body While fasting, your body will detoxify your digestive system in a full month.

And when the food in your body become fat reserves to create energy, it will also burn any dangerous toxins.

4. Decreasing cholesterol, helps weight Loss, and improves Insulin Sensitivity and there are many other benefits


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