Founders Breakout Club: Leadership Burnout Talk over Dinner

Dear Founders,

We understand that even though a leader is expected to be the greatest among the team, being the captain of the ship can be overwhelming sometimes. Leader is a human, too, who can have rainy days sometimes.


Therefore, last December, lingkaran in a collaboration with opened our door to hear our beloved fellow founders from startups and SMEs sharing their lowest moments and supporting each other.

This is our 8th session of ComeUnity program, called Founders Breakout Club, where we gather over dinner and have an engaging sharing session. This time, it was moderated by Karina Saraswati from of Dynargie Indonesia.




We had an amazing dinner on 6 small table, and everyone started to talk to each other in their designated table. Then, one by one people were asked to tell their stories and struggles.

Monica, our Business Starter Pack graduate, told her story of how she started her entrepreneurial journey. She barely started after taking our BSP program, and despite everyone perceived her as a Ms. Perfect, she actually finds herself lack of confidence. Hopefully, she has her closest circle and family to support her journey.

There’s also Nara, our regular learner, who is struggling with handling team, deadlines, and making his clients happy. Then he started getting into a loophole where he gave vent to his frustration by partying. Yet this only gave more headache, and he thought he needs to seek some better option soon.

The other leadership struggles stories were the need of some lone time, toning down ego, finding new excitement, and relationship with surroundings. We even had fun discussion on how to handle millennial employees!

What’s the take-out from those stories?
  1. Have some courage to believe in yourself, before you believe in others
  2. Take responsibility, but also delegate more
  3. Communicate better, assuming less
  4. Know when to stop, and know when to say no
  5. All of us are smarter than any of us, cooperate & collaborate more!

So, are you a struggling founder and wants to join this type of event? You can do it by becoming part of our lingkaran community of talents & founders. First step: check out our latest program for 2019!

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