Story of Creatives: Meet the Marketing Family!

Earlier on August we held the Master Class series: Deep Dive into Digital Marketing, where we provided six classes to help entrepreneurs learn how to leverage their business through digital platforms.

Among the learners we met Pak Cecep and his children, Fara & Iqbal. Each family member has their own interest on specific field in marketing, and they often share their update at dinner. In one of their discussion session his children asked him to join this Master Class series, which he agreed.

Fara works at a PR agency called Indonesia Communications, and a cofounder of @bayusvara, a sound system provider based in Depok. Iqbal is a student at Prasetya Mulya, majoring marketing.

Pak Cecep himself has already retired from his 25 years working at FMCG as a medical sales expertise. He’s now a consultant for a paint company in Bandung.

“I joined this Master Class series because my partners asked me to help them on marketing, whilst the experience and knowledge I have are pretty old-school, probably outdated. I thought I should upgrade myself with the updated, digitalised one.

The materials which lingkaran provided were beyond my expectation! We’ve got mentors who shared their significant experience in their respective expertise and they were open for discussion. We were doing hands-on learning and problem solving based on our real case study.

Now that the knowledge is in my hands, I get to help people and pass on the experience-baton.”

We’ve learnt from Pak Cecep that learning knows no age, everyday of our life is the chance to learn something new. Seize them and conquer the best version of yourself!

Trace the creatives we’ve met along the way on the hashtag #StoryofCreatives, see if their stories hits you home.


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