5 Most Effective Conversation Starters at Networking Event!




Hi Creatives!

Are you planning to come to a networking event? Don’t let this opportunity to gain valuable networks pass you. We understand that sometimes the biggest problem in attending networking event is starting a conversation with someone who you barely knew. Then how to start a conversation to a stranger that doesn’t sound awkward? 


So, we’ve come up with several ideas that we’ve tried and believe it or not, this strategy is totally works! And this is several ideas for you to start a conversation in a networking event!



  1. Hi, my name is . . .

This is the first one you cannot skipped ever.  Start with the basics. Put out your hand, flash a genuine smile, make eye contact, and introduce yourself.



  1. How did you get started?

This is a great question to ask, because everyone has a unique story about how they got started in business. When people start telling their story, things can really get interesting. People love to talk about themselves, right?



  1. What do you like about your job?

People love talking about the things they love. So when they talk about these they will answer it passionately.



  1. I love your work.

If you’re talking with someone well-known, expressing admiration for their work can be a good starting. To the brain, receiving a compliment is like being rewarded by money, it is a social reward.



  1. What’s your dream?

People must have life goals or something to achieve in their business. Ask people what their big dream is and if they are currently doing it. And see if their eyes light up when answering it.

And that’s our ideas to open up a conversation at a networking event. Please try it and inform us how it goes!



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