Scale Up Asia 2018


Let us take you to the journey of High-Impact Entrepreneurs in Scale-Up Asia 2018. Come and be inspired by 15+ inspiring talks from Indonesia and beyond, and witness for yourself all the faces of impact that have inspired Indonesia’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Endeavor Indonesia is back again with Scale-Up Asia 2018. The theme this year is 50 Shades of Scaleup — they’d like to highlight that when it comes to impact and entrepreneurship, there’s no one-size fits all!

Endeavor Indonesia was established in early 2012 to build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Indonesia through High-Impact Entrepreneurship. High-Impact Entrepreneurs benefit their society beyond creating jobs and economic wealth and we believe that a small group of them can create a virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship, which in the long run will lead to a sustainable economic development of Indonesia.

Endeavor selects and supports the kinds of entrepreneurs who would build great companies and serve as role models for Indonesia’s future generations, and provides them access to best-in class tools, knowledge and network to help them scale-up.


Here are some of the confirmed speakers:


ACHMAD ZAKY / Bukalapak, Founder and CEO; Endeavor Entrepreneur


ADRIAN GUNADI / Investree, Co-Founder and CEO; Endeavor Entrepreneur

AZRAN OSMAN-RANI / Naluri Hidup Sdn Bhd, CEO and Co-Founder, iflix Malaysia and Air Asia X Berhad Former CEO

CARLINE DARJANTO / Cotton Ink, CEO and Creative Director; Endeavor Entrepreneur

IRZAN RADITYA /, Co-Founder and CEO; Endeavor Entrepreneur

MUHAMMAD FAJRIN RASYID / Bukalapak, CFO; Endeavor Entrepreneur

NICK NASH / SEA Group, Group President

NIKI LUHUR / Kartuku, Founder; Chairman of Indonesia Fintech Association; Endeavor Entrepreneur

NIRMAL RAJARAM / Citarasa Prima Indonesia (CRP Group: Nasi Goreng Mafia, Warunk UpNormal), Founder; Endeavor Entrepreneur

NIX NOLLEDO / Xurpas Inc, Chairman and CEO

PENG T.ONG / Monk’s Hill Ventures, Managing Director

REGI WAHYU / Dattabot, CEO; Endeavor Entrepreneur

REYNAZRAN ROYONO / Snapcart, Founder and CEO; Endeavor Entrepreneur

STEFANIE KURNIADI / Citarasa Prima Indonesia (CRP Group: Nasi Goreng Mafia, Warunk UpNormal), Founder and Deputy Marketing Director; Endeavor Entrepreneur

TONY FERNANDES / AirAsia, Executive Director and Group CEO (Exclusive Video Interview)

Stay tuned for more speakers!


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