Where Would You Be When All The Seats Were Taken?

I’ve been searching for my dream job on linkedIn feed but haven’t found it yet. Also, everything I’ve known and learnt are no longer relevant today.


Last month we’ve talked about how The Future of Our Jobs is Today, and that the landscape of jobs and professions are changing due to technology. Whereas the challenge is escalating, the younger generations of millennials are more than prepared to tackle it: they were born to it. You know, them being digital natives and all.

But what happens for some of us who once started out from a more conventional realm, and then wake up all of sudden to this digital future? Where would we be, when all the seats were taken?



Are These Sound Familiar?

(Seriously, though. Which one are you?)



The thing is, the world of work is currently in a state of flux, which is causing considerable anxiety—and with good reason. Yet, educational systems have not kept pace with the changing nature of work, resulting in many employers saying they cannot find enough workers with the skills they need.

Conversely, even those in work may not be realizing their potential. In a recent global survey of job seekers conducted by LinkedIn, 37 percent of respondents said their current job does not fully utilize their skills or provide enough challenge.


What’s Up for Our Future Career, Then?


New technologies have the potential to upend much of what we know about the way people work. But disruption is an opportunity as well as a challenge—given the promise of digital talent platforms and new options for independent work, for example.

So the good news is: there are still gaps to fill! That means there are seats to be taken, or even better, we can create our own seats. We can start it by finding a niche of specific career from micro-jobs that define our professional persona. Decide the skills we want to use, and it’s gonna lead to a career that’s more targeted in the future. Remember, of 1 job that is gone due to technology, there are 2.4 new jobs invented.




Ready to seize your next challenge?

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To prepare for the future, we need to shift from thinking about jobs and careers. Instead, we shall be thinking about challenges and problems. For young generations today, there’s really no such thing as deciding on a profession to grow up into.





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