SADDAM by lingkaran: Your Act Matters

Now is Aldi Ulaan’s turn to share on lingkaran’s SADDAM! Aldi is our Experience Designer who is in charge of our Community Ambassador program and class experience. He is the master of ice-breaking games, so as predicted, he made his session in a form of some of his games.

The session was divided into two games, each of them would lead us to get to know each other more than before the session happened. Lingkaran is a community-driven start up on which people are at the core of our business model, so it is somewhat mandatory for our team to be more engaged internally as much as we being engaged with our bigger community.


First Session (Your Act Matters)

We were each given IDR 10k, IDR 20k, and IDR 50k amount of money, on which we had to give them away by this rules:

  • IDR 10k for the closest team member
  • IDR 20k for the most helpful team member
  • IDR 50k for the most inspiring team member

. .

We also had to tell the reason behind why we gave the money for the specific person. Thus it would trigger stories and appreciation for the person, in a hope to bring openness and positive vibe to the office culture. We learned that any effort from us would be noticed by our surrounding, even the smallest one. Sometimes, even when we thought what we did is a piece of cake, it might give impact on others.


Second Session (Truths or Lies)

This time, everyone got 3 post-its, which we had to write down 2 true facts and 1 fake fact about ourselves. We had to tell them as if they were all truths, and the others had to guess which one was fake.



From this game, we got to know the new facts of each of us that we didn’t know before. It was one of our team’s rare moment where we share stories that were not necessarily relevant to our daily task, but rather something that required such proximity to be told, and telling them was the act of trust. That the people in our office are more than just colleagues, we’re a family.

And family take care of each other.


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