SADDAM by lingkaran: How To Save Your ‘Not-so-good’ Drawing

As a person who loves to draw, I found that people often think that to be able to draw well they have to “have THE skill”. Like they should go to drawing course, art school, understand body anatomy, or any technical thing you’ve ever heard for centuries.


But in my opinion, drawing is not just about the skill. It’s also about how we get creative through the drawing process. By being creative, I mean, when you draw you can use different aspect other than specific skill. Let’s dig into that now!


What defines good or bad drawings?

Who has the right to judge whether your drawing is good or bad? Before talking about judgment, it’s better for you to change the way you think about a good or bad drawings. The main question is, what defines a good drawing? Is it a perfectly shaped muscular human body anatomy with all the shades and colors? Or a photo-realistic landscape that you can’t differentiate whether it’s real or not? Is that what defines a good drawing? Well if so, then only those who are talented could produce a good drawing. What about the rest of us that only can draw a quirky sticky man? My point is, there are so many ways other than having a perfect drawing skill to make a good drawing, even a quirky sticky man can be a good drawing if you treat it properly.


How to save your drawings?

First, get creative! Let’s say you want to draw a horse but you just can’t make it like the real horse. Instead of giving up, don’t make it real, make it different. Draw a horse with six legs, two pairs of wings, even some unicorn horn; and turn an ordinary horse into a surreal aesthetic horse no one ever seen before.


Or here are some easy tips on how to save your drawings:

  • Placement
    • Understand the medium. Medium means the media where you gonna draw, its size, its kind, its type. For example when you draw in a square paper, if you want to draw just an object, you wont put it on the edge of paper right? You will put in in the middle of paper and catch people’s eye to your drawing. Or if you want to put it near the end of the paper, you have to understand how to balance your drawing, which is the second point of the tips.

  • Balancing
    • If understanding the medium doesn’t help you to save your drawing, maybe it’s about balancing your drawing. You can try to add other object. For example you are drawing a flower and you already drew it on the edge of paper. Now the flower stand all alone and people will stare at it meaninglessly. To safe it, maybe you can make a pattern out of it or you can add another object. Try to balance it out!


  • Playing with colors
    • After all the efforts, you still have one more magic spell, “Apply colors!!” You don’t have to colored it all; make it as the outline, or just the inner part. Remember, you don’t have to color it properly with all the shading and details. Or maybe not the inner part, make a mess shading or spark it around your paper.


The Result…

After you read all the tips, I hope it can help. Above all, we have to embrace whatever we create and it’s us who can judge our own creation, and it’s our confidence that defines how good or bad it is.


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