What Does Industry 4.0 Mean and How is It Affecting Our Career?

Have you ever thought for a moment that the career you’re doing great right now, might be swiped off and replaced by the technology?

As the economy is changing at a lightning pace,—and skill requirements for jobs are changing alongside. Some industries are disappearing entirely, almost overnight, and legacy companies are quickly changing course.


We’ve talked about this before, but then again you might wonder, “Is this thing really coming to our city? Aren’t we just too far away from all those techy futuristic realms? We don’t even have mass rapid transportation yet! Duh.”

But unless you live in a cave, you must’ve been aware that disruptive changes are everywhere. E-commerce? Online transportation? Digital banking?

So, to cover what you are missing, here’s what we think industry 4.0 has been impacting the way we live, based on who you are.


Students: Impact to Education System

In the era of IR 4.0, jobs that require creativity are likely to stay. Irrespective of discipline, Education 4.0 must be able to produce highly creative graduates with the ability to think critically. Graduates must be innovative and entrepreneurial, and have cognitive flexibility to deal with complexity. Many of them will be co-working not only with humans, but also robots.

Heads up! The industry 4.0 will require human resources with adequate digital and data literacy. Students across disciplines will, therefore, need to gain digital and data literacy during their studies.

Tech, design-related, and business students, this is your time to shine (and collaborate)!

Professionals: Impact to Conventional Job

A recent report by McKinsey Global Institute says; automation technology will replace about 5 percent of all jobs globally, but it will take decades. In addition, the report found that 49 percent of all tasks currently being done by workers; from clerks to CEOs, can be automated by 2055 with technology that already exists today.

The good news is: current job skillset may just need an upgrade rather than a complete overhaul.

The question shouldn’t be what will be lost as we enter Industry 4.0 as there is little to be gained from lamenting the inevitable. Instead, we should be asking how we can upgrade what we already have, in both staff skill and in manufacturing processes, to make the most of our newly connected world. Here’s to reinventing our career!

We’ve talked more detailed here.


Entrepreneurs: Impact to Business

As the fourth stage of the Industrial Revolution advances, business will become more automated, more efficient and more customer-centric; boosting satisfaction for customers and making entrepreneurship easier and more profitable.

So what does this bring us, entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurs are pioneers, and pioneers open the gate to unknown possibilities. Encourage your workers to embrace new skillset, educate yourself to the global mindset while at the same time, supporting local, relevant knowledge to solve day-to-day challenges.

And remember to believe in young people, and invest more on education.

Freelancers: Impact to Talents

Hustlers, we see that as the workforce evolves, we must finally break free from the industrial-era habits of the past to ensure a more productive and equitable future. And one thing we should know for sure is that AI and robotics will create more jobs, not mass unemployment — as long as we responsibly guide innovation.

Up to now, the AI level can be human right-hand in many many execution tasks with highly exact and ultra speed. But the way of thinking creatively to make the blueprint or system processes create AI’s basement of logic. We must believe that high-skilled freelancers could stand still for some periods by keep updating their strategic thinking, customer relationship combined with empathy are way far from what AI could do.

Once again, the future is up for a lifelong-learner! Let’s keep evolving.

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