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Last Friday CreativeMornings Jakarta successfully kicked-off their 2017 breakfast lecture series on “mystery”, by revealing our most anticipated plan to rule the world! One city at a time. #kidding

Rofianisa Nurdin (ambassador of CreativeMornings chapter Jakarta) & Wendy Pratama (CEO of lingkaran) started out their baby projects in 2014 separately, with their own ups-and-downs. On the third year, they feel like it’s time to get each other’s back and officially merge their purpose: to help nurture Indonesia’s creative -community through personal development, creative skills, and entrepreneurship program; responding the challenges of modern society.


Ananda Marissya Widya, the Dean of Education Design in lingkaran, is the founder of a library platform called Rubrik Indonesia. She loves books and thinks that a strong nation should read more, and read a lot. Entering the second year, she moves their lovely collections to lingkaran, in a hope to inject the book-reading culture to our creative community. She started the year with #bookforgood program at CreativeMornings Jakarta’s event, where attendees swapped, donated, or bought books from Rubrik Indonesia’s curated collections.

CreativeMornings Jakarta and Rubrik Indonesia are now an official part of lingkaran, serving the role as a community engagement program who’ll treat you all beyond books, breakfast, and coffee!

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Rofianisa Nurdin

lingkaran's Queen of Content, on which she (among other things) leads one of our program, CreativeMornings Jakarta, to highlight the bright individuals’ effort to make Jakarta a more lovable city.

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